5 Uses For Hormones

The Importance of Testosterone in a Man

There are many people who are aware of the fact of testosterone being the chemical that is responsible for the manly characteristics of a man. But is testosterone only responsible for that? No would be the answer to that question. There are other great things that men get from having testosterone in their bodies.
There are other people who look at testosterone as the reason for men’s aggression and consequently their being violent. But if you will continue to read below you would soon realize that there are a lot of good things about having normal levels of testosterone.

Testosterone is in fact a hormone that sends signals to cells to perform specific functions in certain situations. This hormone has the capacity to give many signals to many cells at the same given time. Such as what is seen as systemic effect in the man’s body of testosterone.

Babies as young as seven weeks old start producing this hormone in their body. The peak of its production reaches in puberty. But when the man reaches his 30s the testosterone levels in his body begins to lessen in amount.

Testosterone has an important function in the development of a man’s body. While still an unborn baby in the womb the testosterone is already doing its job in physical development as it grows the reproductive organ of the baby. When the boy reaches puberty it is primarily testosterone that will make his shoulders broad and his bones stronger. It is also at this age that the boy develops a deep voice and that is brought on by testosterone.

When the boy reaches adulthood the importance of testosterone in his body doesn’t stop. At this stage this hormone allows his mind to be sharp if he has normal levels of it. Also this hormone allows him to be able to focus well and have the confidence to carry on with his tasks. That is the reason why those who are successful in the corporate world are seen to be men with high levels of testosterone.

There are also health benefits as well when you have normal levels of testosterone. When you have the right amounts of it you lower your risk of developing diabetes. In addition men have better heart health when they have it. You also reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease when you have it.

Because testosterone is such an important thing for a man’s well-being it is important to know if you have low levels of it. If you suspect that your feeling grumpy and not being confident is a result of having low testosterone you can take a discreet test to find out if your assumption is true.
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